Pet Care Reimagined

Hand Made Paw Balm, Foaming Cleanser, Shampoo Bar and much more!
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 Paw Care

Complete Paw-dicure 

For Fall & Winter

Pet Shampoo Bars

Spa Time Fun Time

Pet Balm

Wash Bar

Foaming Cleanser

Pet Friendly Candles

Mission Pawsible

What we mean when we say green

We love our pets more than ourselves so why not give them the best of the best? It is possible to have pet care products that are safe to use on your pets and safe for our environment. From recyclable packaging to biodegradable ingredients, we carefully select what we use in our products and how we package them. We do all the hard work so you don't have to - providing the best and safest pet care for your pets.

Bunny, not animal tested
Tested on People
Maple leaf, Made in Canada
Made In Canada
Flower,  GMO - Free
GMO Free
Leaf - Plant derived ingredients
Plant Derived Ingredients
Leaf in circles, earth friendly
Earth Friendly
badge with check mark. 100% Guarantee
100% Guarantee


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